Why would someone put 2 catalytic converters on a 1991 ford ranger 6 cyl. 3.0? on 1991 Ford Ranger

Failed smog due to having 2 catalytic converters. Said it had been tampered/modified

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Dual exhaust?
No. Single exhaust
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could be that it needed 2 to get emission down instead of repairing car correctly
Well, it didn't work! I've tried 4 times now and it still hasn't passed!
yes but maybe it did b4.get a diag on emission from smog ck station and post results and readings so we can adv
1st test: Failed HC(PPM) Max 124, Meas. 176. 2nd test (different station): Passed emmissions, Failed "Visible Smoke". 3rd test (free retest): Passed emmissions, Failed "Visible Smoke". 4th test (same station): Failed HC (PPM) Max 124, Meas. 125, failed Visual - 2 catalytic converters.
try repl with one 3 way catt. you have 2 two way catts right now
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