why would my car hesitate and miss out when I first start up and take off. on 1990 Buick LeSabre

the car idles fine. it does this whether the engine is warm or cold and only lasts a minute or two. dtc 41. thanks

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Common guys this car is almost 24 years old. It could be anything!
Maybe a bad timing chain??????
Ur reply makes a whole lot of of sense. Its only got 95000 miles on it and in good shape beside the problem. Ill get it fixed and keep it for a while. THANKS!!!!
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What size engine? If it is a 3800 these had a problem with the magnet falling out of the cam gear, it may have only come loose on yours causing the dtc code. these can be fixed with JB weld with extreme carefullness..Note if the magnet come out completely the car will not run, if ignored the condition will get worse.these magnets were only held in with a stupid plastic retainer: bad design..