Why would my car die when idling or driven at a low speed? on 1999 Honda Accord

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I recently bought this car a week ago, as is. Test drove it and had no problems. We had the plugs, wires and 02 changed. No codes show yet the check engine light remains on. Makes me nervous when I have small children. Honda told us that ignition switch needs to be replaced. How do you know for sure? Plus there is no power to the new cd player I had installed. Any ideas? Plz help!
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its a common problem for those year accords ive had three repair jobs myself. if it cuts off at random times without anything triggering the problem my best help for you is to get another repair shop one that frequents Hondas to test the ignition. and also scan that service eng light. does your vehicle ignition key switch have to be toggled multiple times to get a response for starting the vehicle?
No it doesn't need to be toggled, always starts the first time. Honda in Rochester said the did the recall in the past. Do you know why the check engine light appears or why there would be no power to the radio?
If they just installed it, have them reinstall. Shouldn't be a charge to you. They forgot to hook something up or blew the fuse.