2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 Q&A

2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 Question: Why would I start burning oil for the first time ever in the last 3-4 months?

I had it diagnosed and the repair was to replace the valve covers and gaskets and reseal the baffles. After 2000 miles I had to put 2 quarts of oil in it again the other day (check oil level light came on). I have never had a burning smell, just warning light and then low reading when I check the level. Now they are telling me it's not unusual to have to add a quart or two of oil, especially with highway driving. It had never happened before these last few months. The car has a little over 107,000 miles on it. -
Answer 1
manf say approx 1/2 qt per 1k miles is ok after 100k miles on car. who is telling you this is normal? -
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My repair shop. But that would be about right. I've put close to 4000 on it since my last oil change, so I guess 2 quarts would be acceptable. I just hate to assume it's normal then find out 6 months from now that I've done major damage to the engine. They quoted the mfg as well. And they said that engine is an oil hog. -
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I dont think this is normal,,its not just ring ware,,,i have a 2001 e320 with 150.000 miles it does not use this much,,it will run about a quart low between oil changes,,check the pcv valve,, -