Why would I loose my power steering and power brakes at same time? on 2002 Dodge Ram 2500

Started truck this morning, got the power steering whine as usual when very cold out. Went to store, no problem, came out started right up, no whine but no power steering or brakes. Whine started back in a block or so and so did the brakes and power steering. Whine normally goes away after a couple mins warm up, did not go totally away after brakes and steering came back. New belt approx. 1000 miles ago. Belt not wet or oily so shouldn't be slipping.

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Does it have Hydra Boost brakes, that could be your answer. Power steering pump works both, power steering fluid!
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I was thinking slipping problem ,maybe belt worn ...
Automatic belt tensioner also.
I'm in Stanley ND from MI one week ago. Talked to a guy at auto parts store, he asked if I checked PS fluid. I told him I went through truck before leaving MI a week ago and all fluids changed and filled, belts etc. He said he has blown the fluid out of reservoir three times this year due to cold. Never heard of such a thing. Checked fluid and it wasn't showing on stick! Put some Lucas PS fluid in it as suggested and every thing seems fine. Been working on cars for years and never heard of such a thing. Should have checked that first but saw no oil leakage anywhere. Claims it gets so cold and thick when you turn the wheel pressure blows it right past the cap. Learn something new everyday. Thanks everyone!
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