Why would I have rain water leaking into the floorboards on my driver side? on 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

I had it leak into the passenger side, because the drain holes where clogged from the pan between the windsheild and hood. Fixed that issue. Now dealing with water in on the driver side front and back. Why would it be doing that and how would I search the problem out?

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HOW: You inside with bright flashlight flexible body and good ear.--Garden hose on outside (turned on),have someon move it to various spots and you look and listen .BUT it might be something really stupid right in front of your eyes that you just have to slow down and kinda stare and study and pretend you're the water and where would you go ..slowly..look at all your 14 year old weatherstripping , pinches ,tears ,indentations from mis-alignment,not set right in channel.etc.make sure the door frame is not bent or shifted causing the seals not to hit at the proper spotsgo on....let me know what you find.