Why would a 5 year old vehicle with 58,000 miles need transmission work? $$$$ on 2007 Volvo XC90

I am very frustrated because I took my car to the dealership due to a jerking when the car shifted gears while driving at slower speeds. The car has 58,000 miles on it and has been out of warranty for about 1 1/2 years.
I was told that the car will need a valve in the transmission which will cost me $2,900.00. This information is from the dealership. I have never had transmission problems with much less expensive cars at any time in my life..In researching this topic online I've learned that other consumers are experiencing the same problems with their Volvos and seems that mine has much lower mileage. The dealer says that their hands are tied and that they have tried in vain to get some type of assistance from Volvo...DO I HAVE ANY TYPE OF RECOURSE???? I feel that I am being taken over the coals after spending $48,000 for this vehicle five years ago.

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Great question, but it's a difficult answer. Automatic transmissions are probably the most complex piece of equipment in a vehicle, and thus is prone to having problems. Some are obviously more problematic than others. I don't think this helps, but it's the truth.

Volvo has had their share of transmission problems, but that is true of just about every car makes. This is why I always suggest an extended warranty (my Nissan Pathfinder transmission went out with 45k!)

If you have regularly had your XC90 serviced at a Volvo dealership, they may be able to provide assistance for you. Go speak with the service manager and plead your case, and make sure you are nice and I suggest you bring donuts.

Best of luck.