why wont turning the key make anything happen? on 2006 Isuzu Ascender

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the other day i thought i ran out of gas but ever since then when i trun the key it trues to start then nohting no noise but th egauges going up and it won tgive me anything now.
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If the engine was running and or you were driving the car when the engine hesitated and subsequently stalled, it could be so many things. It could be a serious mechanical issue where the engine parts are no longer in synchronization with each other (due to a broken timing belt/chain) or it could be loss of fuel or spark which would be a lot less serious than mechanical failure. It could be so many things it would be foolish to speculate as basic diagnostic tests need to be carried out to see what has really caused the engine not to start. It sounds like right now the battery has been run down and needs to be recharged.