Why won't the digital odometer display will not light? on 1999 BMW 323i

Is there a backlight or fuse that works the digital cluster? You can still make out numbers but they don't light up. Also the computer displays that the brake light circut failed. Lights work but still displays failure.

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Could be a bulb,Fuse or lamp module.Give us a call if you would like us to check it.We are Amblers only BMW approved repair shop other than the
Thanks for your reply. I just bought this car and would rather work on it on my own. Kinda a project if you will. Any recomendations on where to find thr R&R procedures for the dashboard on the web? Or any other repair manuals or procedures. Thanks, new2bmir. Create an account and buy a short subscription.While in there print out as much info as you want.
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Pretty sure the bulbs are replaceable for this, although you will have to get them from the dealer. Brake light circuit is a defective brake light switch (BMW calls it a BOO switch, stands for Brake On/Off). Cluster is removed easily by two torx head screws located in the black trim, top of the cluster (going straight up into the dash pad)