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2000 BMW 328Ci Question: why won't the blower switch off?



tak, Kykotsmovi Village, AZ, March 02, 2009, 15:29

and how much will it cost to repair? At the moment its been disabled- fuse removed and i have no blower.

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    March 06, 2009, 16:53

    It is best to have the Climate Control Computer scanned. It could be a defective switch or it could be in a default mode due to a defective sensor. I have worked with the HHK Climate Control Computers in BMW and if there is a problem with the HHK it will go into a default mode where the blower motor runs all the time and it will be in the defrost mode. If trying to switch off your blower motor with the minus button does not work, then there is most likely a problem in the Climate Control electronics.

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