Why wont my wipers work? on 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

I put in a new wiper motor and they still don't work

Asked by for the 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier
if you run direct pwr to motor do wipers work? if so you may have a switch or wiring issue
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Before changing the wiper motor , did you test the switch and circuits to the motor ? Maybe it's a signal(control) or wiring issue. Also do you have circuit info & check ALL fuses , may be more than just one fuse involved in the circuit.
i checked the fuses and circuits and for some reason the spot in the fuse box that says wiper doesnt have wires going to it so im changing all the circuits just in case but the manual says it runs off a fuse and a curcuit. it confuses me so much
I mean this in a kind way , maybe you shouldn't be the one to try and fix it. It may end up costing a lot more to guess and mess up wiring , than it would to just get an experienced tech to at least look at it first hand and diagnose it. If you screw around with wiring and make things worse, along with not fixing the original problem , then you'll be paying for extra diagnostics and repairs that would not have been needed.good luck.
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