why wont my vechicle start what could be the problem on 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

i parked it then it wouldnt start the ignition will turn all the way but wont crank. I already checked the battery

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you need to get the coil wiring replaced as well as the spark plugs on the cylinders too. And also the air filter will need to be replaced as well. Have them do a diagnostic on the Check Engine light to see if that is the problem. More than likely it is the problem. It will cost you close to $800 to get this problem fixed. If you take it to a cheaper mechanic, then you will pay around $400 or less.

Also it could be that the battery needs to be replaced in the car: That will cost you between $60-$150 depending on what brand of battery the mechanic uses to replace it.

Having same problem parked my car and now it will not turn over at all replaced battery and battery fuse still will not do anything