Why won't my truck start and drive right away until it is warm? on 2001 Toyota Tacoma

No matter what the weather is, my truck will not drive until the engine has warmed up. I have seen other trucks just like mine and they can start up and drive right away. So what is wrong?

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my power window on the passenger side will not go up or down? where is the fuse located?
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Hey Samantha,
What I would recommend is getting a code scanner or take it to a shop with one and have the diagnostic trouble codes read out.
The engine control module is always monitoring the system for problems, and when it sees a problem, it stores a trouble code. These codes will help greatly in diagnosing this problem.
If you get the codes, post them here for more info, or search our site, we have tons of information about the most popular trouble codes.
Good Luck
Here is an article about the misfire codes, it should help:
If you can post the codes that were pulled from the computer, we may be able to get some more info for you.
I Have done that and they said it was misfiring. So I had the spark plugs replaced and the air filter. Also we had a transmission filter and fluid changed just to see if that make a difference.
One person told us that the thermostat is not working correctly. Another person said that it could be faulty wiring to the computer. I am getting so many different answers. I can not be just changing things just to see if it will work. Help!