why won't my red brake warning light go off even after repairs have been made? on 2007 BMW 328i

My red brake light warning came on and also the shop lift symbol lit when yhe vehicle is cranked or turned off. I took the car to the shop they replaced the brake pads and sensors but the mechanic said they re-set the the brake light several times but the light is still on. Anyone have an answer

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Yes, go to a competent shop. The red brake light has nothing to do with your brake pads, so the brake job may not/was not needed. The red brake light has to do with the hydraulic system or in some cases, the parking brake. So, check the parking brake switch to be sure that it is off, I would disconnect it for testing purposes, then I would scan the brake hydraulic system by way of the ABS computer, check for any ABS codes and do a complete inspection of physical brake hydraulics. How does your brake pedal feel? If it feels soft, then there is hydraulic problem. If the yellow brake wear light is on, then the brake job and sensors were not installed correctly, because, if they were, the light goes off in about 2 minutes of normal driving or with the key in the 'on' position for about 2 minutes.

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