Why won't my interior lights turn on when the doors open? on 1993 Dodge Caravan

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My interior lights will not turn on when the door is open. When I press on the door plunger there is a clicking sound under the dash somewhere. I have the dimmer switch all the way into the on position. When the door is open a door ajar light illuminates on the intrument panel but the lights will not turn on inside the car.
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courtesy lights yes. All of which should illuminate when the doors are opened on my van. I can turn them on manually by pushing them in but they will not turn on when doors open. The lights on the doors themselves will not turn on either
Ok I missed that part on your initial posting, my mistake.. OK in that case check your door ajar switch, that’s the only way the lights know to turn on when you open the door. I could just be as simple as a loose connection or a faulty switch
How would I go about checking the switch? I see it in the door crevice as a black piece that I can push in with my hand. How do I remove that or check it?
To check the one on the regular door it's should be located on the pillar or "B" pillar behind the pillar trim panel , the one on the side sliding door is a bit more intensive it's located under the side door lower hinge. To check them I would use a OHM meter to check for continuity when the switch is at full release.