1992 Buick Park Avenue Q&A

1992 Buick Park Avenue Question: Why won't my car start every week or two? It will idle rough and die?

It happens every week or two. It has been doing this for about 9 months, since I bought it. The check engine light does NOT come on. After 20 to 30 minutes it finally does. When this happens, it starts and idles really rough. If you touch the gas it immediately dies. If you don't touch the gas sometimes it straightens up and starts running. USUALLY it take several tries and about 30 minutes for it to start and properly so it will idle then run. It has never quit going down the highway once it starts. I would LOVE to know what part needs replaced. -
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have the fuel pressure checked. Roy -
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I will have that done...it is a beginning. The only thing I have done is take the Idle Air Control off and cleaned it good. That didn't make a difference. Thank you -