1993 Mazda 626 Q&A

1993 Mazda 626 Question: Why wont my car start

It will start cold but once i stop the car a few times i have to push on the accelerator to make it go. After about a dozen cranks it catch a that when the petrol fumes and dark gray/black smoke happens. it been in the garage three times and they dont know the problem -
Answer 1
Find a different shop!!! -
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Its was a proper qualified Mechanic & garage i have already spent $500 are you trying to be funny Hahahaha -
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Are they/have they been able to duplicate the symptoms you describe?? IF so , and still no diagnosis , or at least a list of what it CANNOT be , then NO , I was NOT trying to be funny! I was merely trying to save you money by getting it to a shop that can fix it. The symptoms you describe (if complete and accurate) are pretty basic. Good luck. -
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I apologies for being negative and thinking u were taking the mickey out of me but being a solo Nanna raising two orphan children i felt angry you were being funny sorry. They Replace the HT cable to the rocker cover because it was the wrong one stripped down top of rocker cover replaced the gasket and reassembled. then a month later they replaced and fitted a new alternator belt and Tensioned. The problem is still there and now its leaking a mixture of petrol/oil and water from under the the distributor cap and the on the other side. the car when idling sound very smooth until it looses acceleration thats when it stops. I have taken it back three times and each time they say its working fine -
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That is why I said to find a different shop! Ask friends for references to a known reputable (and competent) shop. Good luck! -