Why won't my car restart after it was already running moments before? on 2006 Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 2006 VW Beetle, 2.5L engine. Every day, I go out to get in my car. It is summer here and temperatures average about 80-95 during the day, 50-55 at night.

The starts fine the first time, I get to my destination, I turn it off and twenty or so minutes later I come back and it won't start. It'll make a small amount of noise, about a half second and then just be silent. I take out the key and it is burning hot. I open the hood, there is no leakage, no visible signs that I can see of anything being wrong. There is just a massive amount of heat.

I do not have a check engine light on, I don't have signals or noises that are out of place while the car is running. It just won't start up again. (again, this is usually minutes after it was running perfectly)

I have to wait for a while and then it'll start again once the weather cools off.

Is this normal or might something be wrong?

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