Why won't my car go in reverse sometimes? on 2003 Volkswagen Jetta

My car will not go in reverse sometimes. It happens randomly and usually works eventually. One time I had to push it back from a parking space to get out. The gear shift goes into the spot of reverse, but it acts like it's in neutral.

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Do you have an automatic or manual transmission?
Well I looked to see if there was any technical info from Volkswagen about this problem, and I didn't see any.
My recommendation would be to take it to a good quality VW shop or VW Dealership and have them check for any diagnostic trouble codes in the engine or transmission control modules and remedy if needed. Also, and this is why you need to take it to a high quality shop, have them check to make sure the engine and transmission modules have the latest software, and download the new software if available.
Good Luck
I have an automatic but with tiptronic. I never use the tiptronic.