Why wont my brand new alternator and brand new battery keep my car running? on 1999 Mercury Cougar

My car ran great until the other day the lights sarted dimming and flickering and then cut off , i bought a new alternator and new battery and still the battery light is on which is the same thing it did last time before it cut off.

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There are several possibilities, some of which are: you may have a bad new alternator, you may have faulty alternator connector or wiring, or may have a bad alternator MEGA fuse (175 Ampere if I remember correctly). Recommend test/check those items first. If you do not have the test equipment to do so we can test and repair at CarMasters Automotive 757-456-0722. We are have Free Loaner Vehicles by appointment (sometimes for walk in customers if not out/reserved already) are open until 8PM M-F and 6PM SAT. Please call Michael or Jim, Thanks