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2001 BMW X5 Question: Why wont my BMW x5 start after engine replacement?

I bought a used bmw x5 that I was told needed a timing replaced at the time of purchase. When I took it to the mechanic he told me I needed another engine. I bought a good used engine. mechanic called me recently and said that he has put the new engine in the truck,and replaced vavles, gaskets but it will not start, no lights come on... totally unresponsive. What could be the problem? -
Answer 1
Check battery, Cables, ignition switch? It sounds like your original symptoms have changed. I would back track all steps. Note some BMW Positive Cable has a non serviceable safety feature that will open circuit if vehicle is bumped hard enough in case of emergency. Doesn't sound likely but good luck. -
Comment 1
I'm sorry. The lights on the dash do come on after engine replacement but the truck will not start. -