2007 Mazda B4000 Q&A

2007 Mazda B4000 Question: Why wont my altenator charge my battery with a new altenator and battery?

Altinator went, I replaced it. Didnt help. Wont charge battery. I changed battery, checked every connection and fuse. I checked for any draws, just a week draw probably from my financing company's tracking system. Mazda service tech told me that the altinator must be either a ford or mazda manufactured which are twice the price. Is this correct? altinator i put in is testing good. -
Answer 1
put an volt meter on your battery and make sure you have about 14 volts going to the battery -
Comment 1
I'm not getting anything to the battery. -
Answer 2
Will it start and run? If so and alt. not charging after you checked everything else, sounds to me like a defective alternator! -