Why won't my 92 Mustang start after driving on 1992 Ford Mustang LX

When I drive my mustang sometimes after driving for a while and shutting it off for a short time, it will not start and stay running.It will crank over, but sounds like the engine is starving for gas. It will not stay running,sometimes waiting for 30 minutes or more before it will start again. Today it died out on me while I was driving down the road. I pulled over and waited for a while then started and it ran about a block and died. Usually this problem only happens after I shut it off. I checked the fuel pressure at the valve on the gas line and it sprayed out. I then tried to start the car and it started and ran fine.I have already replaced the TFI on the distributor. The car is not overheating whenever this happens, but the summers here in vegas, the temp is usually around 100 degrees.Also whenever the car will not stay running,and when I try to start it I always hear the fuel pump running.Any ideas?

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