Why won't my 90 new yorker crank sometimes? on 1990 Chrysler New Yorker

My car is fine sometimes but other times I go to start it and it won't do anything but click for about 20 times than it starts. We took the starter off intending on buying another one and they tested it and said it was good. What else could it be.

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Poor connections at the starter or the battery or a weak battery could cause the starter to "click". A complete inspection of the battery and battery cables is in order.
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I would replace the starter relay. It is located on the fender well behind the front partof the battery. I would bet this is what you will find he problem to be. You will have to remove the battery and you will see it.
check the gas filter. i have a 93, i thought for some reason the battery wasnt good. the car stalled, had someone look at it.