why wont gas spray out the throttle body when I turn the key and try to start it on 1991 Geo Metro

icant get gas to spray out the throttle body if you pour gas down it it will run till what you poured in is used up ive tried running a jumper wire and still nothing. Ijust cant get the injectors to open it just died going down the road it was just like the key got turned off

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Have the fuel pressure checked.
I did and it has about 9 plus
Find a suitable noid light to check for injector pulse. If light flashes while cranking the engine replace the injector! If it doesn't flash you need some hands-on help from a mechanic as it gets a little more difficult to test! USUALLY when spark is ok, and yours is, so should be injector pulse! Test it, or have it tested, to be sure before buying any parts.
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key on eng off you should have 23 to 31 psi of fuel pressure.u don't have enough
thank you for the info. I have been a mechanic for 40 plus years and own my own repair shop and used to boast about if it has a engine I can fix it and I can. it is getting tougher but I can do true passion is old Harleys and 60's muscle and fabrication. it is getting tougher and tougher to stay on top of things it hardly is worth it anymore. I like to convert things back to normal by that I mean getting rid of the computer and electronic ignition and stupid throttle bodies and put a normal carb with a normal mechanical fuel pump on and be on my way. I have a dodge p/u I did that to and it gets awesome mileage (better than our 4.3 jimmy) and super good performance. same with my harley.i ripped out all the factory electronic ignition garbage (after it left us stranded on the road)put a point plate in and a s/s carb.and went to okla from mi getting 40 to 45 m.p.g.trouble free.i really don't understand why things have gotten so nutzo in the auto world.ive been told its got to do with old dodge I put back oldschool passed emission test with flying colors.any way thank you for the info and do you know can I put in a inline pump cause if I drop the tank I will cause a lot of problems with leaks as everything is really rusted bad and a inline pump would be a piece of cake.thanks again and sorry for venting like this but to me the auto industry has went right down the crapper along with a lot of other things that I wont get into.Later and thanks again