Why will oil light stay on in AM, then go off after running for minute or two on 2005 Dodge Caravan

When starting the van at the beginning of the day the oil light stays on. If you turn engine off, then back on after a minute or so, it goes off. Won't come back on for the remainder of the day. Also get a crayon-type smell from vents from time to time. Just started with cold weather and after an oil change. ??

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Did this all start after the oil change? Crayon smell may be just that if there have been crayons in the van and one fell into defroster vent.
What engine?
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poss loose oil sending unit wire or sener itself and crayon may have fallen in defrost vent as wetry said
Yes, it started the day after the oil change. Turn it on, the oil light comes on. Turn the van off and back on and it goes out. Sometimes we eventually get a stedy yellow check engine light also, but we get that every winter - gas cap issues I am told. I don't think there are any loose crayons in the van, but will double check. Thanks for whatever additional advice you can give...
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