2004 Ford Explorer Q&A

2004 Ford Explorer Question: why will it crank but no start-

just installed good used engine ..ran great all day next day cranks but no start -
Answer 1
had same problem last year. turned out to be a dead fuel pump. should be able to hear a slight short whirring sound after turn key before the engine cranks. this is the pump priming the line for fuel. if no whirring sound, it's a good bet that it is the fuel pump. b sure to ask for pump/sender combo kit to replace. i made the mistake of just the pump, had to go back for a sender. -
Answer 2
Got spark? Got fuel pressure? Need to know! Can't guess at it, be wrong every time. -
Answer 3
ck for spark and fuelpressure to start with and also all the fuses. could also be the inertia switch if its no fuel pressure -
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