why vehicle cuts-off while ideling at stop ? on 1993 Nissan Altima

I Have changed sparks plugs, fuel filter, Distributor and cap. Still having same problem, can any one help ?

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poss crank shaft sensor very common on these. they are cheap give it a try
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It would be helpful to know if there are codes, does it stall only at idle or will stall while driving, when it stalls at idle does it seam like the idle speed is ok and it shuts off suddenly (like turning the key off) of does the idle seem too low to keep running?

A low idle causing stalling can be a problem in the idle air control system, dirty throttle plates and carbon buildup in the engine.

A sudden shut off as though you turned the key off is usually electrical/electronic ie: ignition switch, computer controls and sensors.

Nissan 4cyl had problems with the distributor shaft leaking oil inside onto the crank angle sensor. If there is oil in the distributor cap, replace the distributor assembly, if not then it's better to have a professional look at it and test for the problem.

Good Luck

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