Why truck wont do anything,and theft light is blinking? on 1999 Mazda B3000

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Changed all spark plugs and wires about 2 weeks ago,check engine light has been on for a long time,and wind shield wipers come on by themselves,or sometimes when I use the blinkers
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Over time some wiring will tend to sometimes rub against other wires and pieces of metal, and heat will melt the insulation, causing electrical problems. with the check engine light it may need a diagnostics check . Some vehicles will let you drive a while with the check engine light on, sometimes when people work on your vehicle if not careful they can cause a wire to end up where it shouldnt, you may want to have the repair person to check all electrical connections, for rust or corrosion,and check all visible wires for breaks and touching other metal parts. check fuses,wiper motor for correct power, Do wipers come on when you hit a bump and do wipers work when you turn the switch? How long has theft light been blinking? wires may be touching each other.