Why the lights flash off on my controls and the MY LINK screen
on 2013 Chevrolet Cruze

2013 Chev Cruze 2LT. When stopped at red light the MY LINK screen goes black and lights on the control panel located beneath it go out. Also if the blinker is on when that panel goes black, the ticking sound the blinker makes goes silent while it visibly keeps blinking. If air conditioner is turned on, it also shuts off.
This was happening very randomly, almost thought it was my imagination but then one night it happened at almost every red light I stopped at.

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Ditto, my 2013 Cruze just started the same MyLink blanking too. What is the problem? Can it be repaired simply? Thanks re
The Dealer simply reprogrammed the radio when I took it in for system checks and recall repairs.