Why the engine stall every 10 to 20 miles. The starts again when it cools down. on 2005 Mazda MPV

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The starts well but after 10 to 20 miles it stall with no spark at all after 10 to 20 minute and than starts again.
What could be the problem?. Or what sensor could be causing the problem?
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I do not have a scanner. So, what could be the problem. I have change the PCV valve, the ECT sensor and cleaned the EGR valve but it still stall. I was told the it could be the camshaft drive or driveshaft sensor, what do you think?

Always is, sometimes not a very good one! But this one sure sounds as good as any. Test drove one, stalled, called back to shop for tow, by the time our truck got to me it started right up. So i drove it headed back to the shop, stalled again and after 10 min restarted just fine replaced crank sensor and fixed this Mazda MPV 3.0 V6. So i do GUESS at what it could be!!
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