Why the engine shut off when I stop at the light? on 1998 Mercury Tracer

It happens all the time specially if I stop suddenly, no Mechanic seems to know what the problem is.

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It should not be too terrible difficult to diagnose. The engine needs compression, spark and fuel to run. A scan tool attached to the 16 pin diagnostic socket drive the car look at live sensor data. When the engine stalls sensor data can be read to see if the computer sees engine revolutions, air entering the engine, ect....
A car like this I tee into the fuel line tape a pressure gauge to the windscreen and monitor pressure as I drive see if it fails when the car fails. I would look for vacuum leaks as well. When the car stalls I would look for injector pulse (on a professional grade scan tool you can look at injector pulse).
Thanks for responding so quickly, I'm dealing with this issue for almost 2 years soo many repairs a lot of money invested. I will follow yor advise. I just will repeat what you wrote to the next mechanic.
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right ! is the check engine light on ?
the engine service light is not on. I made so many repairs that the engine is running good, it's just that problem that persist.
Sorry I don't have an answer but I do have the same car with the same problem. I just bought it and it seems to be a great car in great shape, runs good but hesitates while accelerating and sometimes stalls when I stop. If you figure out how to fix this, please pass olong info, I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Davy and my e-mail is I will do the same for you if I can solve problem