Why tepid heat and cooling after major repair of leak in leak in A/C system? on 2005 Toyota Prius

Last year had A/C checked by third-party and was advised that leak in system--tech unable at that time to locate leak...since it was summer-time I had system recharged then (realizing problem would repeat at sometime)... during the past three to four months noticed degradation in both heating and A/C. Have taken into dealership and was advised of leak in evaporator core...had cooler dryer, evaporator sub-assembly, and expansion valve replaced...freon recharged and I was assured that systems were working properly. Picked up vehicle and no problems for approximately 24 hours...vehicle began to blow non-cooled air and reduced heated air again--this was on auto setting for either heat or A/C. Following week took back to dealership and was advised that system had not been "evacuated" properly and there was a blockage in the system...corrective action supposedly taken and A/C and heat appeared to be operating better. Within one week I was back to a system which is not functioning to my satisfaction. Planning to take back in to dealer and hopefully the third time will be the charm. Curious if anyone else has had a similar experience with their 2005 Prius?

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