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2008 Honda Accord Question: Why should the rack on the rack and pinion steering have to be replaced at 39000

It is going to cost me nearly $1,000 dollars to replace this -
Answer 1
Your car is 5 years old and parts do fail/go bad. What type of problem are you having? -
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Thanks. Only problem at this time is leaks on driveway and in garage and replacing fluid. -
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The only repair is to have the steering rack replaced. The seals that leak cannot be replace separately. -
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Thank you for your response. One of my questions was about the seal. -
Answer 2
not uncommon after 5yrs call honda and see if they will help you out $ wise -
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Actually at the dealer (24 bay shop) we do maybe a dozen racks a year. Most are on cars either with a defect that shows up early on- less than 15K , the others are generally replaced due to an accident , or the cust(or outside shop) put non-honda fluid in it-that WILL cause seals to fail very quickly.Are you sure it's the rack and not a line or fitting going to it? -