2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty Q&A

2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty Question: why replace the oil cooler when replacing egr cooler? Egr cooler is the failed

Repair shop replaced egr valve 1 week ago. 4 days later it started having large amounts of white smoke from tailpipe. Didn't smell any coolant at engine area, cab of truck or no sweet smelling exhaust. Drove truck with white smoke issue back home (1 mile) and parked it. The next day drove it 11 miles to the shop and it didn't smoke at all. It ran great both times! Now the shop says replace egr cooler and oil cooler because if we don't replace the oil cooler now...we will be replacing it in 20-30k miles and then every 20-30k after that!!!??? $2350.00 plus tax! ????? -
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Get 2nd opinoin and est. -