2002 Lincoln LS Q&A

2002 Lincoln LS Question: why only in the morning my lincoln has a hard time starting

it just turns over i usually have to do it a few times before it starts, but once it does it will start all day with out fail, the next morning saME PROBLEM, from breife look on web ive seen IAC valve, fuel relay, and i would like to know if someone can give me some helpful advise so i know what im looking at.....if possible -
Answer 1
You know i'm kinda the same way in the mornings! The best thing to do is leave it with a mechanic overnight so it can be scanned and tested before and during cold start up. Saves a lot of guesswork! -
Answer 2
Try to cycle your key a couple of times before you try to start the car. Turn to run then off 2 or 3 times. If it starts more quickly or normal, see about replacing the fuel pump and fuel filter. -
Answer 3
agree with pushrod. poss fuel pressure issue -