why now do i have a lifter/rod/? tap at 79000 on 2008 Lincoln Navigator

I noticed a miss or hesitation when i got out of the truck i now have a tap ...79000 miles second owner mobil one oil this is my third nav never had this b4 ...very please

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I have learned on those engines, and most all newer engines, it is very critical to use the proper filter and proper oil viscosity. The big problem people do is not change their oil until they reach a certain mileage, ie' I use Mobil 1. Sorry but, no disrespect, To me and many others Mobil 1 is a joke. It will not hold up for 10,000 miles, as many try to do, and it will break down and sludge. The oil journals are smaller or more narrow then the older engine builds, and if you go to a higher mileage and not service it sooner than later it will clog the oil passages causing it to not oil properly.
thank u 4 ur response now that i have this problem will u enlighten me on how to correct it? step 1 never use mobil 1 again ...step 2 ?...
Hope there is no damage yet; I use Valvoline SynPwr Synthetic oil and only run 6,000 miles. I see a lot of oil situations because people don't service their oil sooner, 'because so and so said', not to say you do. At this point if you can get some good flush/cleaner and add it to your existing oil for a very few miles and change it to the right viscosity oil, and a good quality filter. Maybe change it again in short mileage one more time if it clears up, with oil you plan on using, Valvoline is also a good cleaner. Just to let you know, if you want to try Valvoline, they package oil for NAPA, and CAR QUEST that I know of for sure, and their brand name oil is cheaper than the name brand. Same oil even the synthetic. Stay away from Penzoil as well, anythind with paraffin, (Wax).
Thank you , i agree mobil 1 , bulls--t
I use lucas...