Why no mention of bad front wheel bearings ??
on 2003 Mazda Mazda6

I just got this car, and I chose the 4cyl. because it's NOT the timing chain rattling, oil-leaking v-6...however every where I look at forums and personal posts, the shitty front wheel bearings are mentioned. Your website is head and shoulders above most other sites, I was wondering about the omission, Thanx.

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Agree! These bearings range in price from 35 to 65 dollars, always insist on the best one available!
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All manufactures are trying to compete in this market. They need to sell their product and keep the price to a point it will sell. They get their parts from other manufacturers who are competing to sell their parts to the car manufacturers. In order to keep cost down, they buy a good product, not maybe the most expensive or best quality. To help understand, Mazda is not the only bearings being replaced. I have changed many wheel bearings on many different Makes & Models. Most after market bearings are warrantied for 1 yr, better line of bearings are with a 3 yr warranty. Bearings are subjected to all weather conditions at ground level, dirt, grime, water, and everything else you drive your car through. Your car is now 10 years old with how many miles? I really think you did pretty good.