2002 BMW 745i Q&A

2002 BMW 745i Question: why my transmission temperature warning light always come on.

when i am stuck in traffic, or i could just drive 10 miles or less and the transmission light comes on telling me to pull over and let the car cool down, then after 30 min i am good to go. and also the RPM would just keep going up, -
Answer 1
It means your car has the obd2 code problem, the first you need is to check out the code and then delete/reset it. I know this tool is helpful for your car. http://www.chinasinoy.com/wholesale/bmw-gt1-dis-v57-sss-v39-compatible-with-all-computer-1252.html Or you can take your car to the local dealer to diagnose out the code, then they will tell you how to fix it. -