Why my Prius suddenly drops its acceleration? on 2001 Toyota Prius

After driving sometime it suddenly drops its speed and I had to press the gas more to maintain the same speed. This is happening once in a while for the past one month. Toyota dealer inspected it and said he don't find any problem with the car.. but still the situation continues.

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leave it with them so they can experience the issue. there is a problem with the hybrid drive that needs to be determined.

Thanks for the response Roy.... but they are telling they didn't see anything there ... even the mechanic test drove it.. he didn't felt anything there.. and I cant reproduce the same whenever I want... it just happens... not sure what to do...
once again, you need to leave it there till the problem happens so the tech can get an idea of what is going on.

it takes time to track down these types of issues.

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When does it happen? How long have you been driving? Warm or cold out? Did you change fuel recently or just filled up? Has the vehicle been serviced?