why my oil pressure is so high it's blowing oil out of everywhere? on 1994 GMC 1500 Pickup

New oil pump, screen and oil pressure switch. changes oil and filter already too, still have same problem.

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Please describe 'everywhere'.........and check the PCV SYSTEM.
coming out of dip tube, filler cap on valve cover, and past the oil filter.
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How much pressure does t have? Can be checked! Agree with ziptie.
80 psi
There is not but one thing it can be IF you have that much pressure and that is is the pump! 4.3-5.0-5.7 engines. Did you use a test gauge screwed into the sending unit port? Sounds more like blow by if oil is coming out of the dip stick tube, no oil pressure there. The engine cant be breathing, no fresh air, breather, and no pcv action. How much oil is in the engine??? I hope you find the problem.