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2006 Nissan Murano Question: Why my Nissan murano sl jerks everytime I starts it

My 2006 Nissan murano sl gives a strong jerk everytime I starts it up in the morning, It's like the engine is going to fall out. But once it cranks up it doesn't do it again until the car sits for a long period of time. Is it my camshaft position sensor or crankshaft position sensor? -
Answer 1
Possibly yes I'd say so .. -
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do i have to change both of them? -
Answer 2
Both of them have to be replaced at the same time. -
Answer 3
Have the vehicle tested with a scanner to see if it is an electrical or mechanical problem, don't guess at it! Leave it with the mechanic so it can be checked upon first start. Loosing any coolant or smoking from tail pipe in the morning? Possible head gasket issue! Coolant in cylinder after sitting overnight. Partial hydrolock! -
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My 2009 Murano gives the same jerk when first driving it and after it sits. It has done this since the time it was new, and the dealer always indicated they couldn't find anything. The head gaskets went at 54K miles and I had to replace them, but the jerking is still there. -
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If it clears up after running a bit, better keep checking the coolant level.!!! Have a mechanic check it out.. -