Why my dealer says it's normal for heated seats not to turn during remote start? on 2012 Cadillac CTS

Weather temp does get below 50 degrees. The vehicle has less than 1700 miles on it. Neither driver nor passenger seats work. Yes I know that the lights don't come on and I don't care about that. Nothing worse than getting into a warm car and sitting on a frozen leather seat! Dealer doesn't seem to think there's a problem???

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go back and complain and get that in writing then seek opinion of another dealer if necessary. although the seat heaters will not come on during remote start,they have to be turned on manually
I agree with greg
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Info in owners manual and remote start users guide?
Yes. Info in the manual specifically states: In cold weather the windshield defroster and/or rear window defogger automatically turn on. If the vehicle has heated seats, they will also turn on. Section 8-5. I've forwarded this information to the Service Manager but have yet to receive a response. My guess is that he's in the process of checking it out.
Hopefully they can resolve the problem before summertime!
There is no resolution - unless I have an after market remote start installed in the vehicle. I've been told that's the only way the seats will heat up to decent level.
maybe it is manually operated