why my amigo will not start on 1993 Isuzu Amigo

i ran out of gas and i putt new gas in but wont start please help me need to get it going please and before this every other day i would have to pop the clucth to get it going
i got it to fire with ether but then a heard a loud popp like a fire cracker then it wont fire at all

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when you run out of gas, it is like an engine without oil. the fuel pump seizes from lack of lubrication. it sounds like you need a new fuel pump.

i have fuel going to the carb what else could it be
i thought that to but i have pleant of gas going to my carb but i did use a karaseen can to go get gas but it appear to bee drycould this be why and how do i fixe it
wrong dont out a pump in it that moron aint got a clue check spark control.