Why is the theft system light &/or battery light coming on when I start car? on 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Sometimes when I start my car the theft system light and/or battery light comes on & I can't roll down/up windows, turn on air & gear light doen't come on. After a few minutes something in the engine makes a noise and they go off & I can roll down/up windows etc. I tried unplugging battery & it didn't reset. My anti-lock light & brake light came on close to a year ago & my fathers mechanic said anti-lock brake part went bad (has not been replaced). I'm not sure if that could have started this theft/battery light problem. Not to mention intake manifold is leaking coolant.

It sounds like part of the electrical system is not turning on correctly sometimes. I would not be surprised if the fault is with the ignition switch. A fault that severe should store fault codes in the system. A good place to start the diagnoses would be to read all of the fault codes using a scan tool. The stored codes should be a help in leading to the cause of you intermittent problem. It is not uncommon for an intake manifold gasket to leak coolant on vehicles like yours.