Why is the oil gauge showing no oil. on 2005 Nissan Frontier

Engine light not on.Gage low and oil icon on dashboard while driving.Driven only 60 miles since oil change.Changed oil pressure sensor because gauge was extra high.

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Do a manual oil pressure test to make sure, after oil leak inspection.
Thank you.My son put a pressure switch on after the oil gauge was extremely high after being told by a mechanic.There isn't much he knows about Nissan,just his Chevrolet truck. This is when the reading went low and the oil symbol appeared on the dashboard upper left side.
Your reply will be done on Monday.
Again, thank you.
U bet, Let me know if I can help further.
Thanks for all replies. Thais truck is loaded with sensors.Finally contacted my grandson that is a non licensed mechanic.
So is this the one you put 10w-30 oil in and made it better. Why weren't you running 10w-30 anyway. Hard to diagnose a low oil pressure on the computer. Merry Christmas
No.That was in Chevrolet cars in the 70,80 and 90s.Did trade ins. Never kept auto over 2 years. 2005 decided I would get a truck I wanted for 10 years.The Chevy Sports was on recall before they were unloaded at dealers.
Bought the Nissan.
Sorry; Was looking at a post, thought it was about this one. What did you find, if I might ask?
Since the tools cost so much, nothing.The truck will be parked in the garage until the 3rd of January.
I'm getting a disability allowance (:),no credit card.Female to old to try and fix it herself. In my 20s and 30s I was my own mechanic because I did trade ins before major issues started.The garage where I take it,about $350 to check and it might be the sensor.Not going to drive it and need a motor.
Thanks for you concern.
Well I understand, If you ever make it to Stephenville I'd be glad to help you, Good Day.
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