2006 Mercury Montego Q&A

2006 Mercury Montego Question: Why is the driver side floor wet?

The drivers side floor is soaking wet, not rained in nothing spilled - why would this be soaking, used baking soda and a wet dry vac to clean it up but it just comes back. -
Answer 1
Very well could be a/c evap sweat dripping out of the heater-a/c box under dash. Check the evap drain hose on the firewall engine side for being clogged. -
Comment 1
Yes, I had a car that did that years ago and remembered it had something to do with the AC, I am now shopping for car lifts to get under the car - Thanks! -
Comment 2
Most shops will put on a drive on rack and clear the drain for little or no charge. Is a simple process. Unless you want to buy some ramps to allow for future work as well. Or you need a floor jack and jack stands. Ramps will be less expensive but if need to remove tire that is on the ramp, you cannot. -
Answer 2
it is most likely the heater core -