Why is the car losing a great amount of oil all of a sudden? on 1992 Honda Accord

My husband checked the oil the other day and it was ok. Today, my oil light started flashing as I drove down the highway. I stopped and put in 2 quarts of oil and finished my trip of about 10 minutes. The light came on again. I went and bought 3 quarts of oil and after checking the dipstick again, I poured in all three. On the return trip home (about 20 minutes) the car was okay until I pulled into neighborhood I live. The light came on again! The car doesn't burn oil, leave oil leakage spots, and it seemed to drive ok the entire time. Any suggestions about what the problem is and how to fix it?

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you may have a camshaft or crankshaft seal laeking under the timing cover. very common. see your mech b4 you cause severe eng damage
Thank You for the information!
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red oil light is for PRESSURE not Volume of oil in engine. If the oil is contaminated/thinning out for some reason that would cause a PRESSURE drop at idle causing the light to come can have to much oil in the engine also but that would likely cause smoking issues also.Another source of a major oil leak on those engines is the rear balance shaft seal (O-ring type seal). Best to clean and observe before wasting money on any guess.How many miles on engine and when were the timing belt and balance shaft belt and seals replaced? also does front balance shaft seal have the updated retainer on it? those seals had problems with popping out.
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