Why is oil leaking out of my radiator hose.. new head
on 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I just put a head on this engine and oil is spilling out of my radiator hose the lower ine what could it b

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Automatic transmission?
Did you check engine block with a straight edge? ... Positive right parts were installed? If the hose wasn't leaking before... shouldn't be now!! Open radiator, after cool down.... oil in there??... More info!!!!
The right parts were installed didnt check the block. What if the head gasket was installed backwards ?
That would definitely cause this problem!
Thanks. I guess ill go get another head gasket and throw it on.. probably shouldn't use the new one I just put on or should I?
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you could be getting water in through your head gasket. did you put new seals on the heads and are you positive they went on the rigt way
I replaced the head gasket but didnt do anything else to the head... r u saying I should replace the valve seals n it. That would be the valve seats right