why is my truck surging when parked it races between 8-11rpm and why does my tru on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

my truck jumps forward when put into gear

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Do you hear a vacuum leak, at the back and bottom of the plenumn is a vacuum port that goes to the oil filler, that hose does rot and create a bad vacuum leak. The IAC is next to the TP switch.
thanks i will check it out first thing tomm
If u spray starting fluid around area or over air lines and it idles down ,you'll find your leak but be careful .
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Its idling to high ,its sucking air under throttle body gasket or a bad IAC motor.
iac motor where is it what does it look like
Its on the side of the throttle body,idle air controller ,or its the throttle position sensor ,if u have a scanner ,u can monitor these component s
And see if there working properly ..or u can take a gamble and change both ,just my opinion.
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